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If you can’t run, do 100 pushups.
If you can’t do 100 pushups, do 100 sit-ups.
If you can’t do 100 sit-ups, do 100 squats.
If you can’t do 100 squats, do 100 lunges.
If you can’t do 100 lunges, do 100 bicep curls.
If you can’t do 100 bicep curls…

Write 100 words.

If you can’t write 100 words, brainstorm 100 writing ideas.
If you can’t brainstorm 100 writing ideas, read 100 posts from writers on Quora.
If you can’t read 100 posts from writers on Quora, listen to 100 minutes of an audiobook.
If You can’t listen to 100 minutes on an audiobook…

Cook a healthy breakfast like a 2 egg omelette.

If you can’t cook a healthy breakfast like a 2 egg omelette, make a green smoothie.
If you can’t make a green smoothie, eat a piece of fruit.

This list could go on and on…

Want to know the secret?

Step 1: Substitute “run,” “write” or “cook” with any action.
Step 2: Substitute “100” with any number that works for you. 50, 15, 5…it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that you take action.

The inertia will get you going.

Make the choice to get up every day, to look at life with a full and open heart and to take massive action.

Our lives begin the moment we decide to start.

Start. Now.

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